Cable Clip with Nail-Screw Connectors
We provide a selection of Cable Clip With Nail-Screw Connectors to support cables. Take use of these devices to securely fasten wires for outdoor use. Our clips and bushings are ready to use and of good quality, and we have hundreds of units in stock.
Cable Glands
Electricity, management, measurement, information, and communication links of many types may be made using these cable glands. They act as a termination and sealing mechanism to ensure proper maintenance of the characteristics of the enclosure where the cable enters.
Conduit Fitting
Conduit fittings protect encased conductors from impact, moisture, and chemical vapors, which is one of its main benefits. As a large number of conductors may be drawn into a conduit system, this helps to simplify design and construction.
Earth Rods
By avoiding electromagnetic shocks, these Earth Rods keep people safe. By reducing the amount of current travelling over 10 active circuits, it minimizes harm to many gadgets and any type of electrical equipment. Thus, it eliminates the precise risk of fire that a specific current leak may bring about.
EMT  Fitting
EMT Fittings are available in a variety of sizes from us. These fittings come in a range of materials, dimensions, and configurations created for various purposes, from fittings that are solely intended for indoor use to fittings that are classed as rain-tight and authorized for outdoor use.
PVC Self Adhesive Electrical Insulation Tapes
This self-extinguishing, flexible molding tape is made of PVC and insulates the wires of all electrical machinery and appliances while adhering securely to any surface. In their class, these PVC Self Adhesive Electrical Insulation Tapes are the most flexible.
Stainless Steel Cable Ties
The stainless steel cable ties have a black polyester or polyamide coating on the acid-resistant 316 grade stainless steel that was used to produce them. In severe situations where corrosion, vibration, general weathering, radiation, and temperature extremes are a problem, they are perfect for bundling wires or hoses.

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